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Dr. Bernd Schricker

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Innovation / R&D

Innovation is one of the major drivers for our future business. We therefore keep on improving our core products and develop new technical solutions like the new DeSiTHERM™ RTO-system. DeSiTHERM™ is specially designed to process VOC laden off-gas with high contents of siloxanes which cause blockage of the heat exchanger media in conventional RTO systems. DeSiTHERM™ is able to thermally process event these gasses by transferring the oxidation in a moving bed of ceramic balls. This patented solution was developed in close cooperation with the Cutec Institute, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, in particular Prof. Otto Carlowitz. Other recent (some) LTB-Innovations: ROxiTHERM™ Twin-Mode operation of RTO systems, GRP-RTO, ROxiTHERM™ Classic Compact RTK unit, ...