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Integrated Management System

Quality Management
LTB stands for excellence in product quality and for reliability in project execution. Our quality is based on the firmly entrenched awareness of our staff for quality and on a positive working environment. This also includes calling our products, operating procedures and processes into question and improving them. The implementation of our quality principles in production and the project business are governed by the LTB Standards and the LTB Quality Management System Certificates & Management SystemsIn our endeavours to improve and refine our processes contiuously, we have the efficiency of these processes and management systems which are regularly verified and certified. LTB is committed to the principles of sustainable business. We exercise fairness and respect in dealing with co-workers, suppliers and business partners, support the protection of the environment and the conservation of resources, and actively embrace our organisation’s social responsibility. Our employees pledge to comply with the law and to adhere strictly to ethical standards.

Environmental Protection
Maximum environmental compatibility is one of the most important demands that customers place on LTB production systems. For this reason the conservation of resources and reduction of emissions are two of the most important criteria for our product development.
The environmental relevance of our in-plant production is low overall; the focus at our production sites is on assembly processes with comparatively low energy consumption and waste. Our Goldkronach site in Germany implements environmental management systems certified according to ISO 14001. We review criteria such as environmental management and sustainability in the selection of our suppliers.

Environmental Management

LTB is a specialist in the supply of process plant systems for industrial air pollution and, as such, we at LTB observe all relevant environmental laws and requirements and commit ourselves to adhering to the group's environmental and quality related principles as a matter of course:

  • Products developed to suit current and future legal frameworks (legal certainty)
  • Low emission products that reduce sound, air and water emissions to a minimum
  • Products developed that reduce fresh and waste water, energy and materials usage to a minimum
  • Making full use of recycling options
  • Reducing waste produced to a Minimum

LTB Code of Conduct
It is part of our corporate culture at LTB to act ethically in our day-to-day business life and to comply with prevailing laws. We also expect our supplier and partners to act accordingly.  Our operating principles and guidelines detailing how we behave and act are summarised in our LTB values.

For many years now, these values and codes of conduct have been defined in the LTB Management Handbook which details the various operating guidelines and procedures which management, employees, suppliers and partners are expected to follow

The satisfaction of our employees is of paramount importance for us. The fundamentals are an attractive and motivated working environment and challenging jobs.  Every LTB employee has the right to be treated fairly, politely and respectfully. Discrimination or harassment is not acceptable. In particular, disadvantage suffered on grounds of disability, gender or age is not tolerated.
We ensure diversity when hiring staff for any level within the company.  We especially aim to give adequate consideration to women, also in managerial positions.
Diversity is a key element for our economic success. We therefore promote collaboration – across national boundaries, between different generations, and by providing equal opportunities for men and women.

Social Engagement
LTB engages in social, cultural and academic activities beyond its obligations to society as a corporate citizen.  LTB, the Board of Management and employees help selectively – primarily with local projects in the region – through donations and sponsoring, and with their knowledge and contacts.  LTB views this engagement as an integral part of its company-wide social responsibility.