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Cement, Lime & Magnesium Oxide Manufacturing

The production of lime in shaft kilns mainly results in dust emissions which are treated in fabric filters.  However, the latest European regulations also regulate emisisons of CO and VOC. In this case, LTB ROxiTHERM regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) technology -  an example of which has been running successfully at a lime producer in Germany since 2008 – is one of the most suitable abatement technologies available.

Aside from particulate emissions which are treated in baghouse or ESP units, the production of cement clinker can also  create emissions of NOx from the high temperature firing process and CO from the drying of sewage sludge or residual fuels.  Emissions from cement plants are highly-dependent on the local raw materials used and can vary significantly from plant to plant.  As such, each plant requires a tailored exhaust gas treatment solution. 

In Germany,  most cement plants are already equipped with SNCR DeNOx systems.  However, new emissions limits in 2016 (NH3) and 2019 (NOx) will require a review of existing NOx control measures, involving the installation of additional systems such as LTB NOxiTHERM SCR technology or even LTB ROxiTHERM regnerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) units with integrated SNCR (iSNCR) capability.