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Mr. Christian Brennig

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Manufacture of basic (large volume), fine & speciality chemicals

All forms of bulk and fine chemicals are produced by the chemical industry, as well as fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides, paints, glues and cleaning agents.

In chemical manufacturing, almost every conceivable type of pollutant emission can occur.  The skill , based on know-how and experience, is to select the right solution from the wide range of air control technologies available.   For example, for processes involving organic compounds, LTB OxiTHERM thermal oxidiser technology can be used to control VOC emissions, thereby also generating useful steam for the process.  During the manufacture of  catalysts , NOx emissions from the calcination process can be treated using LTB high-efficiency NOxiTHERM SCR systems.  Other technology solutions supplied to the industry by LTB include OxiTHERM Cat catalytic oxidiser and ROxiTHERM regenerative thermal oxidiser (RTO) systems.