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Oil & Gas Industry and the Manufacture of Polymers & Resins, Rubbers & Foams

VOC emissions occur at virtually every stage of the petrochemical manufacturing process, from the drilling, transportation and (un)loading of tanks to the purification of oil, gas and coke-based raw materials in refineries. 

During this gas scrubbing process, tail and sour gas emissions can be  treated using LTB OxiTHERM thermal oxidiser technology.  In the downstream steam cracker the first reaction takes place. Using raw materials such as ethane, LPG, naphta and hydrowaxes, intermediate products such as ethylene, propylene and BTEX-compounds are produced.  These intermediates can then be used to create the downstream chemicals ranging from  rubber to LDPE, PP, EPS, etc.  Here, VOC emissions can be  treated using LTB ROxiTHERM RTO technology and NOx emissions using LTB NOxiTHERMSCR systems.
Last, but not least, off-gases from the waste water treatment plant (WWTP) in the chemical process can be  treated using LTB ROxiTHERMRTO technology in combination with LTB WetSORB or DrySORBscrubbing systems.