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News 2014

State-of-the-art Fume Treatment System in aluminium anode plant

Goldkronach - After acquiring a brownfield aluminium anode manufacturing site from Zalco, NL, in June 2012, the US-based Century Aluminum refurbished the site in line with the company’s latest...Read more

Pre-owned RTO

3-chamber third-party brand for saleRead more

Pre-owned plant: LTB RTK10

A 3-chamber RTO from LTBRead more

Pre-owned plant: LTB RTK60

A 3-chamber RTO from LTBRead more

Building Test Expo, 17 - 19 June 2014 SQUARE Meeting Center, Brussels

Thank you very much for visiting our booth and for your interest in our solutions for your exhaust problem.Read more

Exhaust air purification without fuels: Innovative concept, operating costs reduced by 50%

Goldkronach - Luft- und Thermotechnik Bayreuth GmbH (LTB) has developed an innovative exhaust air purification solution for industrial painting facilities. The RoCoSORB-Duo concept tremendously...Read more