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RoCoSORB VOC ROTOR / BaCoSORB Batch Concentrators

In order to reduce the energy consumption of thermal systems at low VOC input concentrations, systems to increase the VOC concentration can be highly cost-effective. 

For processes operating round the clock, a RoCoSORB continuous rotor concentrator system is used.  This incorporates a rotating adsorber wheel which enable continuous collection and desorption of the VOC.  The VOC are collected on an adsorber until a pre-specified level has been reached at which point a small air flow is then used to desorb the VOC at a higher concentrated flow.

For discontinuous applications, BaCoSORB batch concentrator systems are available. Here, the desorption process is run during a scheduled stop in production (for example, at night or the weekend). 

The concentrated VOC gas stream is then typically fed into downstream thermal oxidiser unit to complete the purification process.