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Our responsive customer service will help you as speedily as possible, to enable you to resume production without major downtimes.



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 +49 9273 500 - 240



24/7 Hotline:

You can find the phone number in your breakdown-service-agreement.


Conversions and

Mr. Andreas Schott
T: +49 9273 500 242

Second Hand Systems

Michael Wirner
T: +49 9273 500 234


Conversions & Modifications

Process conditions are subject to continuous changes. Thus can influence significant requirements for air pollution control systems, too. To ensure however a cost-efficient and reliable operation often adaptions of plant technology are the right way.

LTB service staff analyses the changes and their impact and check, which measures can contribute to a more cost-efficient operation mode.

For prospective clients who are interested in second hand plants we provide a database of current available plants in various sizes and configurations, not only own products. So it is possible to convey a suitable and very quickly available plant. Customers get also support in selection and suitability testing, in buying and selling plants as well as in implementing such a solution. Please don't hesitate to contact us!