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24/7 Service

Our responsive customer service will help you as speedily as possible, to enable you to resume production without major downtimes.



Service-Phone number:

 +49 9273 500 - 240



24/7 Hotline:

You can find the phone number in your breakdown-service-agreement.


Mr. Micheal Wirner
T: +49 9273 500 234


Moves & Relocations

Growth or reorganization can lead to  the situation that space used by installed plants need to be planed for others. For your air pollution control system we are the appropriated partner to move these at their new location.

We dismount, move and remount plants, independently if inside your factory or to another facility. In this scope all other LTB services can put to account in a cost-saving way so that you can operate when required an state of the art air pollution control system.